10 Fascinating Facts About Humpback Whales

1. A fully grown Humpback Whale can weigh more than 5 adult elephants, the largest land mammal.

2. Humpback Whales fast during the winter living off of fat stores they’ve acquired gorging themselves during their feeding season.

3. It is estimated that as much as 90% of the humpback whales population was eliminated during the whaling era.

4. The only known natural predator to hunt humpback whales is a pack of hungry killer whales. Successful attacks are believed to be rare with most attacks ending up in nothing more than scarring and bruises.

5. During mating season only the male humpback whales produce whale songs, or “sing”

6. Consuming a large variety of fish and krill, these marine mammals have the most diverse eating habits of all baleen whales.

7. The scientific name for the Humpback Whale is, “Megaptera novaeangliae”.

8. Humpback Whales are easily identifiable by their abnormally large flippers, big fanned tail and hump-shaped back with a small black dorsal fin.

9. Humpback whales can hunt in cooperative groups of 15 or more when searching for food.

10. The humpback whale is protected against hunting by international law.

Photo: Taken by Aaron Hoffman aboard Out Of The Blue

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