Looking for Things to Do in Byron Bay? Here’s What You’ll Love about Whale Watching and Our Eco Cruises, Nature Tours, and Day Trips

Whale watching has become an extremely popular pastime that has brought excitement and enjoyment to people of all ages over the years. Now, you can find organised eco cruises and day trips in Byron Bay – the perfect fun family activity or romantic couples’ outing. On these trips, you’ll be able to get as close to these majestic creatures as possible without disturbing them or their habitats. Here are some of the reasons to consider whale watching when you’re looking for things to do in Byron Bay.

Marine life conservation and awareness

Our environment is crucial – and fragile. Whale watching gives travellers not only a chance to view the marine mammals up-close but also to learn about their significance and the importance of their natural habitat. Taking an interest in whales – and teaching your kids to care, as well – benefits the ocean and everything that lives in it. Every excursion educates those on the boat, enhancing their awareness of marine life as they and the tour guides check in on the whales and make sure they’re safe and healthy.

Experiencing whales in their natural setting

Byron Bay eco cruises with whale watching on the agenda are the best way to view whales in their natural habitat – something most people wouldn’t be able to do without these tours. Whales live for many years, which makes it possible for people to observe them even as they travel throughout different areas and bodies of water.

Raising awareness of whaling

Whaling is unfortunately still an issue that we face today. At Out of the Blue Adventures, we pride ourselves on being whale-friendly and educating our guests on responsible stewardship of the oceans and all the creatures within. We aim to educate our guests on the reality of whaling and its ongoing effects. We also educate our guests on the history of whaling in the Byron Bay area. As people become more aware, the door opens wider to more tourism and less hunting, reducing the impact of whaling on the worldwide whale population. We offer safe and responsible tours that do not disturb whales or any other wildlife or their natural migration patterns.

Reducing pollution

The massive amount of plastic and other foreign materials in the world’s oceans is concerning, to say the least. Even large creatures such as whales can become tangled in debris and rubbish discarded by thoughtless or uninformed people. Furthermore, plastic and other waste can end up in whales’ stomachs, affecting their ability to eat and eventually proving fatal. This is just one reason education about reducing our environmental impact is so important.

Nature tours in Byron Bay by Out of the Blue Adventures

If you’re wondering what to do in Byron Bay, book a trip with Out of the Blue Adventures. Our scenic river cruises, dolphin tours, and other nature tours in Byron Bay offer a first-class experience as guests enjoy learning about and viewing the whales and the local area. Our vessel is specially designed to be environmentally friendly and provide 360-degree views of one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world. We pride ourselves on safe and responsible whale watching and a top-notch experience for our guests. Contact Out of the Blue Adventures today to book your tour.