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Whale Report Whale Report

Whale Report

Saturday 3rd August 2019

15 Whales

Byron Bay




Today there was plenty of action out off the coast of Ballina and Byron Bay. We enjoyed breaching, comp groups, muggings & tail slapping on our Byron Bay Whale Watching Cruises at 8:00am & 11:00am. Conditions are looking good this week, so be sure to book aboard our Byron Bay Whale Watching Cruise.

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Location & Details

welcome aboard

Please read the following important details about your cruise. If you did not receive an email request to complete your pre-arrival waiver, you will have the option to do this at the bottom of this page. Each participant is required to do a pre-arrival waiver. If you have booked last minute, please complete immediately. You will not have the option to do this when boarding.

1. Location

*Please note: The following boarding information is for Ballina Cruises only. To view boarding details for Snorkeling & River Cruises departing from Brunswick Heads, please click here to view boarding details for the Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour .


The boarding wharf for our Whale Watching, Dolphin Cruise, Coastal Discovery & Richmond River Cruise is in Ballina, which is a 30 minute drive south of Byron Bay and a 15 minute drive from Lennox Head. We board in front of the Wharf Bar and Restaurant at Lance Ferris Wharf, 12 Fawcett Street, Ballina

*The marina we depart from for our Snorkeling tour & Brunswick Heads River Cruise is in Brunswick Heads, at the Brunswick Heads Boat Harbour, which is a 20min drive north of Byron Bay. Please click here for further details.

Although we board in Ballina, we travel along the coast between Ballina & Byron Bay, depending on where the whales are at the time. Each cruise is unique with where we go and what we see.

If you do not have your own transport to our boarding location, please enquire with Ballina Byron Airport Transfers to book a $35 transfer. Alternatively, there are regular public buses travelling through each town. Our Ballina Byron map shows distances between close places.

We Board Here

Distance From

2. Parking & Timing

Please refer to the below image of parking recommendations. The cruise is 2hrs so please choose parking accordingly. It is not paid parking in this area, only restricted by amount of hours.

Important: Please arrive 15minutes prior to your departure time. A safety briefing will be done, any passenger not present for the briefing will forfeit their ticket and will not be able to join the cruise. The boat cannot wait for late passengers.

3. What To Wear & Bring

Please refer to the below image for what to wear and bring on your Whale Watching cruise. Stay warm from the Winter ocean chill. We suggest to overdress and then take a layer off if you get too warm. If you choose to bring a small backpack, you will be holding onto this whilst aboard. We will be providing high-quality marine ponchos as a wind & waterproof layer to go over your warm clothes.

4. Seasick Precautions

Please refer to the below advice if you are prone to Seasickness.

  • Take over the counter medication Kwells (less drowsy),  Travacalm or Promethazine an hour before the trip, ginger tablets can also be helpful to prevent and treat motion sickness.
  • Try wearing an anti-nausea band. Some people like “Sea Bands.” They are bracelets with dots that purportedly touch acupressure points on your wrist. They have never been proven effective, but some people swear by them.
  • Be clean and sober. Even a mild hangover can easily degenerate into seasickness, besides increasing various diving risks. Likewise, fatigue predisposes you to seasickness.
  • Eat something. Opinions vary on this one, but most people feel better with a little bland food on their stomachs. Bread, bagels, pancakes, etc. are better than eggs and bacon. Coffee and orange juice are acidic and may irritate your stomach. Eat a little, not a lot.
  • Relax. Anxiety contributes to seasickness. Those who are frightened by the ocean and the movement of the boat, or anxious about the diving later in the day, are more likely to become seasick.
  • Plan ahead. All of these techniques work best if you apply them before you need them — to prevent getting motion sick in the first place. So take precautions early.
  • Tell your captain that you’re sensitive at the start of the trip, and give updates if you start to feel queasy. Usually he can allow you to move to the rear of the vessel where you will be less affected.
  • Watch for symptoms. Early signs include chills, headache and frequent burping.
  • Look towards land and occupy your mind with the exciting views and encounters.

5. Weather & Ocean Dependent

Please keep in mind that all cruises are dependent on ocean and weather conditions. If conditions where to change and become unsafe or unsuitable to operate, we will try our very best to notify you 1.5hrs + before cruise departure, but keep in mind that this is not guaranteed and cruises can be cancelled at any time (even at the wharf or during the cruise) if conditions are deemed unsuitable or unsafe.

Important: To ensure we can contact you promptly if there is a necessary time change or cancellation, keep your phone on and close. Our primary way of communication is SMS & email. If there is a time change we will SMS then call if we do not receive a response.  If we cannot reach you, we will also send an email. Check your phone number and email are correct on your booking details to avoid missing notifications.

6. Waiver

If you did not receive a pre-arrival waiver email, please click the button below to complete your ‘Waiver’. Each participant in your booking is required to do a seperate waiver, so please share this link. You will be asked a series of important questions and will be required to electronically sign the waiver (Parents to sign for children). This is mandatory for boarding our vessel.

Whale Report

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