Newborn White Whale Sighting Off Lennox Head, NSW


Its that time of year when we all get excited about whether or not Migaloo will be sighted along the Australian East Coast.

As the popular form of communication is via social media we have decided to announce this sighting.

A newborn white whale spotted off Lennox Headland, NSW, Yesterday! June 30th 2018.

Our team at Out Of The Blue Adventures  was notified of this sighting by a local who had seen this white whale swimming with its mother just off the coast of Lennox Head, NSW, near the Out Of The Blue vessel. These images were captured as they travelled north by Kynan Wall.

Our team was beyond excited to hear this breaking news. Even the thought that we had been so close that morning on our Ballina to Byron Bay Whale Watching Tour , gave us goosebumps!

Unfortunately no other white humpback whale (Migaloo Jrn or Barloo or Chalkie) has been sighted for over 5 years, so it is possible Migaloo is the only one still alive, or is he? Our image is yet to be confirmed with researchers, but we are hoping this is the comeback of a lost generation.

Other known white whales were all young humpbacks and either their pigmentation gene kicked in and they are amongst the general population or they have simply succumbed to the harsh Southern Ocean or Japanese whalers. It should also be noted that sometimes when a baby humpback is born it can appear to be all white or greyish in colour and as the whale grows the normal pigmentation of their skin darkens.


The 2018 Whale Watching Season along the Australian NSW North Coast has certainly started with a Big Bang!

Words can’t describe the jaw dropping moments we have experienced aboard Out Of The Blue, witnessing these astonishing Humpback Whales up-close on our Byron Bay Whale Watching Tour as they migrate past the coastline between Byron Bay and Ballina. Follow the link to see some of the reviews our guests have given us after experiencing one of our first-class tours. Tripadvisor Reviews or visit our facebook page or gallery to see our photos taken aboard in the last few weeks.

Many dedicated whale watchers and researchers are taking up positions on many Capes and Head Lands along the New South Wales & Queensland coast line, as well as seats aboard our Ballina to Byron Bay Whale Watching Tour , with binoculars in hand searching for a pod of Humpback whales breaching out across the Pacific Ocean or Coral Sea horizon, hoping to get a glimpse of the elusive all white whale called Migaloo which is a local aboriginal word meaning “White Fella”.


Where will you go Whale Watching this season?

If you are thinking of visiting the Byron Bay or Ballina region, be sure to take a cruise with Out Of The Blue Adventures . Gabrielle, our onboard Marine biologist enhances your whale watching experience by sharing in-depth knowledge about Migaloo, local points of interest, history and encounters we experience.

A specialised underwater hydrophone is also onboard, so you can hear live humpback whale song! You will be observing wild animals in their natural environment just like researchers & scientists do as a means of increasing our knowledge and understanding of these magnificent marine mammals and our ability to conserve this species.

We hope an intimate, close encounter aboard Out Of The Blue Adventures Whale Watching Tour leaves you feeling empowered to protect the environment and its beloved creatures as we are reminded today of how precious they are with this new sighting.


Your seat for “The most impressive Byron Bay Whale Watching experience!”

P.S Visit this link for original footage of whales, taken by Kynan Wall  : Baby White Whale Footage!

Photo: Aboard Out Of The Blue Adventures on Saturday 30th June 2018 (same day the baby white whale was sighted)- This whale is Spyhoping! (aka people watching) Get your cameras at the ready!


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